Do I have to wear a face covering to workout?

Yes, we want to maintain a safe facility for all members and employees.  Therefore, face coverings are required at this time.  If you don't have one, we will give you one when you arrive.

Are you cleaning more frequently?

Yes, we provide sanitizing wipes for members to use before and after each exercise.  Also, we have a cleaner that sanitizes daily with the new SaniSpray from Graco.  It's fantastic and kills germs on contact.  


Is 24 hour still active?

Yes, members can still access the facility before/after hours as long as they follow guidelines.


Do I exit the facility like I normally do?

No, we have a designated "Exit" that is labeled clearly in order to help minimize exiting members crossing paths with entering members.


Are showers available?

No, in order to maintain safety and cleanliness, showers are unavailable at this time.


Are water fountains available?

Yes, however, they can only be used to fill up your personal water bottles.  In order to maintain cleanliness and omit extra spread of germs, we are asking members not to drink from this at this time.      

COVID-19 has been extremely challenging for obvious reasons.  Here at the Fitness Factory, member safety comes first.  We try our best to make everyone feel safe and comfortable using our facility.  Above, you'll find some adjustments we've made to our facility and our procedures in order to keep members safe and our facility sparkling clean.